Process Management
	stopafter - Sends SIG(x) after n seconds
		Common Usage: stopafter <n time> <signal> [<cmd> [args]]
		Example: $stopafter 10s SIGINT ping
		Install: Debian .deb: stopafter | RedHat .rpm: ?
	loadwatch - Only allows program to run if load is < n
		Common Usage: loadwatch -h <stop_limit> -l <restart_limit> command
		Example: $loadwatch -h.25 -l.20 -d3 make-kpkg kernel-2.6.0-test4
		Install: Debian .deb: loadwatch | RedHat .rpm: ?
	slay - Kill all the process belonging to a user
		Common Usage: slay <username>
		Example: #slay sco
		Install: Debian .deb: slay | RedHat. rpm: ?
	killall - Send signals (SIGx) to process by their name
		Common Usage: killall [signal] <process_name>
		Example: $killall -SIGINT java_vm
		Install: Debian .deb: psmisc | RedHat: ?
	nohup - Make program immune to hangups
		Common Usage: nohup <command>
		Example: $nohup play mp3/*
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	pstree - Display a tree of what program spawned what
		Common Usage: pstree <-a> <-h> 
		Example: $pstree
		Install: Debian .deb: psmisc | RedHat: ?
	pidof - Find the process id of any running program
		Common Usage: pidof <-s> <program>
		Example: $pidof uptimed
		Install: Debian .deb: sysvinit | RedHat: ?
Hardware Interfaces
	lspci - List all PCI devices the kernel has access to
		Common Usage: lspci [-v] [-vv] [-m]
		Example: $lspci -v
		Install: Debian .deb: pciutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	linuxinfo - List information about the kernel and the hardware (funner than uname)
		Common Usage & Example: $linuxinfo
		Install: Debian .deb: linuxinfo | RedHat. rpm: ?
User Management
	last -  Displays a list of users who logged in sorted by reverse login date
	lastb - Displays a list of failed login attempts sorted by reverse attempt date
		Common Usage: last [-n num] <username> <tty> 
		Example: $lastb dave
		Install: Debian .deb: sysvinit | RedHat .rpm: ?
	who - Show who is logged in 
		Common Usage: who [-h] [a] 
		Example: $who -a <username>
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	w - Show who is logged in AND what they are doing
		Common Usage: w [-s] <username>
		Example: $w
		Install: Debian .deb: procps | RedHat. rpm: ?
	whoami - Print effective username
		Common Usage & Example: $whoami
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat. rpm: ?
	members - Show the members of a group
		Common Usage: members [-p] [-s] [-t]
		Example: $members audio <group_name>
		Install: Debian .deb: members | RedHat .rpm: ?
	groups - List the groups a use is a member of
		Common Usage: groups <username>
		Example: $groups dave
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	traceroute - Print the route a packet takes from one computer to another
		Common Usage: traceroute [-m max_hops] <remote_host>
		Example: $traceroute
		Install: Debian .deb: traceroute | RedHat .rpm: ?
	dhclient - A powerful script based DHCP client
		Common Usage: dhclient <interface>
		Example: #dhclient eth0
		Install: Debian .deb: dhcp-client | RedHat .rpm: ?
	ifconfig - Configuration tool of network interfaces
		Common Usage: ifconfig <interface> [-a] [ip_address]
		Example: #ifconfig -a
		Install: Debian .deb: net-tools | RedHat .rpm: ?
	netstat - Print information about current network connections
		Common Usage: netstat [-s] [-c]
		Example: $netstat
		Install: Debian .deb: net-tools | RedHat .rpm: ?
	jdresolve - Get Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) from address
		Common Usage: jdresolve <log_file>
		Example: $jdresolve -
		Install: Debian .deb: jdresolve | RedHat .rpm: ? 
Email Tools
	mail - Interface to easily send mail
		Common Usage: mail [-s <subject>] addresses <input>
		Example: $mail -s "Hi Dave" dave <file.txt
		Install: Debian .deb: mailutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	vrfy - Verify Email Addresses
		Common Usage: vrfy [-n] [-v[v[v]]] [-p] [-h] <address@domain>
		Example: $vrfy -vv -n
		Install: Debian .deb: vrfy | RedHat .rpm: ?
	from - Print names of those who have sent mail
		Common Usage: mail [-c] [-s sender]
		Example: $from -s chlug
		Install: Debian .deb: bsdmainutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
Script Tools
	sleep - Pause for a set amount of time
		Common Usage: sleep n[s,m,h,d]
		Example: $sleep 10s; linuxinfo
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
Web Access 
	wget - Powerful non-interactive downloader
		Common Usage: wget [-b] [-B] [-c] 
		Example: $wget
		Install: Debian .deb: wget | RedHat .rpm: ?
	lynx - Tool for retrieving and formating HTML files
		Common Usage: lynx [--dump] [--source]
		Example: $lynx --dump
		Install: Debian .deb: lynx | RedHat .rpm: ?
Search Tools 
	whereis - Locate the binary, source and man page for a command
		Common Usage: whereis <program_name>
		Example: $whereis linuxinfo
		Install: Debian .deb: util-linux | RedHat .rpm: ?
	find - Seach for files in a directory heirarchy
		Common Usage: find <path> <exp_options> <expression>
		Example: $find /var/ -maxdepth 20 -file dave
		Install: Debian .deb: findutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	apropos - Search the manual pages and descriptions
		Common Usage: apropos <keyword>
		Example: $apropos zip
		Install: Debian .deb: man-db | RedHat .rpm: ?
	chkdupexe - Find Duplicate Executables
		Common Usage & Example: $chkdupexe
		Install: Debian .deb: util-linux | RedHat .rpm: ?
	chase - Chase Symbolic Links
		Common Usage: chase --verbose <symlink>
		Example: $chase `which vi`
		Install: Debian .deb: chase | RedHat .rpm: ?
	namei - Follow a pathname until a terminal point is found
		Common Usage: namei <filename>
		Example: $namei `which vi`
		Install: Debian .deb: util-linux | RedHat .rpm: ?
	whatis - Display a brief summary of a program
		Common Usage & Example: $whatis linuxinfo
		Install: Debian .deb: man-db | RedHat .rpm: ?
	which - Locate a command
		Common Usage & Example: $which linuxinfo
		Install: Debian .deb: debutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	basename - Strip directory and suffix from filenames
		Common Usage: basename <filename>
		Example: $basename `pwd`
		Install: Debian .deb: fileutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	dict - DICT protocol client
		Common Usage: dict <word>
		Example: $dict linux
		Install: Debian .deb: dict | RedHat .rpm: ?
Text Tools
	head - Print the first part of files
		Common Usage: head [-c] <filename>
		Example: $head presentation
		Install: Debian .deb: textutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	tail - Output the last part of files
		Common Usage: tail [-f] [-n n] <filename>
		Example: $tail /home/dave/presentation
		Install: Debian .deb: textutuils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	wc - Print the number of bytes, words and lines in a file
		Common Usage: wc [-b] [-w] [-l]
		Example: $wc -w /home/dave/presentation
		Install: Debian .deb: textutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	nl - Number lines of files
		Common Usage: nl [-b <option>] [-s <string>] 
		Example: $nl testdoc
		Install: Debian .deb: textutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	tac - Concatenate and print files in reverse
		Common Usage: tac <filename>
		Example: nl newdoc |tac
		Install: Debian .deb: textutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	ptx - Produces a permutated index of file contents
		Common Usage: ptx [-A] 
		Example: $ptx newdoc
		Install: Debian .deb: textutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	sort - Sort lines of text files
		Common Usage: sort [-f] [-r] 
		Example: $sort newdoc

	cdtool - Play and catalog audio CDROMs
		Common Usage: cdplay [+|- n], cdstop, cdpause, cdinfo
		Example: $cdplay
		Install: Debian .deb: cdtool | RedHat .rpm: ?
	play - Play any sound to any available output
		Common Usage: play [-v n] [-p] <filename>
		Example: $play /home/dave/mp3/*
		Install: Debian .deb: sox | RedHat .rpm: ?
	rec - Record any sound to any format
		Common Usage: rec ?
		Install: Debian .deb: sox | RedHat .rpm: ?
Terminal Management
	reset - Reset the terminal
		Common Usage & Example: $reset
		Install: Debian .deb: ncurses-bin | RedHat .rpm: ?
	^z fg bg - Pause, restore and backround a running proccess
		Common Usage: ^z (to stop) fg (to foreground) bg (to backround[like &])
		Example: ^z (then) bg
		Install: Debian .deb: bash | RedHat .rpm: ?
	open - Start a program on a new virtual terminal (VT)
		Common Usage: open [-s] [-l] [--] <command>
		Example: $open -s -- linuxinfo
		Install: Debian .deb: console-tools | RedHat .rpm: ?
	vlock - Lock virtual terminal
		Common Usage: vlock [-a]
		Example: $vlock
		Install: Debian .deb: vlock | RedHat .rpm: ?
	splitvt - Run two shells in a split window
		Common Usage: splitvt [-upper <command>] [-lower <command>]
		Example: $splitvt -lower top
		Install: Debian .deb: splitvt | RedHat .rpm: ?
Filesystem Tools
	df - Report filesystem disk usage
		Common Usage: df [-h] 
		Example: $df -h
		Install: Debian .deb: fileutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	ln - Make links between files
		Common Usage: ln -s
		Example: $ln -s /var/spool/mail/dave /home/dave/mail
		Install: Debian .deb: fileutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	pathchk - Check whether path names are valid or portable
		Common Usage: pathchk [-p] <file_or_directory_name>
		Example: $pathchk -p blah\ blah\ doc
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	shred - Delete a file securely by overwriting it's contents repeatedly
		NOTE: This does not work on segments of journaled or RAID protected filesystems!!!
		Common Usage: shred [-n] [-u] [-v] 
		Example: $shred -n100 -uv testdoc 
		Install: Debian .deb: fileutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	mktemp - Make unique temporary filenames
		Common Usage: mktemp [-d] [-p] [-t]
		Example: TMPFILE=`mktemp` || exit 1
		Install: Debian .deb: debianutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	lslk - List local locks
		Common Usage & Example: #lslk
		Install: Debian .deb: lslk | RedHat .rpm: ?
	lsof - List all open files
		Common Usage: lsof [-t] [-u <username>] 
		Example: #lsof -u dave
		Install: Debian .deb: lsof | RedHat .rpm: ?
	rolldice - Rolls Virtual Dice
		Common Usage: rolldice [options] [{#x}{#}d[#|%]{*#}{+/-#}{s#}]
		$rolldice 4x1d9  (4 times[x] 1 Dice with 9 sides)
		Install: Debian .deb: rolldice | RedHat .rpm: ?
	fortune - Prints a random, hopefull interesting, adage
		Common Usage: Prints a random, hopefull interesting, adage
		Example: $fortune
		Install: Debian .deb: fortune-min | RedHat .rpm: ?
	figlet - Prints oversized text for .sigs
		Common Usage: figlet [-f font] <message>
		Example: $figlet -f lean CHLUG
		Install: Debian .deb: figlet | RedHat .rpm: ?
	banner - Print large text banner
		Common Usage: banner [-w n]
		Example: $banner -w80 CHLUG
		Install: Debian .deb: bsdmainutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	cmatrix - Shows a scrolling "Matrix" like screen in Linux
		Common Usage: cmatrix [-s]
		Example: $cmatrix
		Install: Debian .deb: cmatrix | RedHat .rpm: ?
	boxes - Text mode box and comment drawing filter
		Common Usage: boxes [-p <string>] [-d style]
		Example: $figlet -f lean CHLUG |boxes -d columns
		Install: Debian .deb: boxes | RedHat .rpm: ?
	dadadodo - Exterminate all rational thought (make silly sentenaces from data)
		Common Usage: dadadodo [-c n] [-o] [-l] <filename(s)>
		Example: $dadadodo /var/spool/mail/dave
Password & Login Management
	passwd(i) - Change User Password
		Common Usage & Example: $passwd
		Install: Debian .deb: passwd | RedHat .rpm: ?
	gpw - Program to generate pronouncable password
		Common Usage: gpw <n_passwords> <n_length>
		Example: $gpw 1 8
		Install: Debian .deb: gpw | RedHat .rpm: ?
	makepasswd - Generate and/or encrypt password
		Common Usage: makepasswd [--chars n] [--minchars n] [--maxchars n]
		Example: $makepasswd --chars 8
		Install: Debian .deb: makepasswd | RedHat .rpm: ?
	rig - Random Identity Generator
		Common Usage and Example: $rig
		Install: Debian .deb: rig | RedHat .rpm: ?
	john - AKA John the Ripper - A tool to find weak passwords of your users (and root)
		Common Usage: john [-resore] <password-files>
		Example: #john /etc/shadow-
		Install: Debian .deb: john | RedHat .rpm: ?
	vrms - Virtual Richard M. Stallman - Report of installed non-free software
		Common Usage & Example: $vrms
		Install: Debian .deb: vrms | RedHat .rpm: N/A
	lilo - Install bootloader
		Common Usage: lilo [-R <command>]
		Example: #lilo -R "Linux"
		Install: Debian .deb: lilo | RedHat .rpm: ?
	cal - Displays a calender
		Common Usage: cal [-j] 
		Example: $cal
		Install: Debian .deb: bsdmainutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	alias - Allows a string to be subsituted for a word
		Common Usage: alias <word>='<string>'
		Example: $alais exit='clear; exit'
		Install: Debian .deb: bash | RedHat .rpm: ?
	touch - Create files and modify timestamps
		Common Usage: touch <filename>
		Example: $touch newdoc
		Install: Debian .deb: fileutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	crontab - Manage program scheduling
		Common Usage: crontab [-l] [-e]
		Example: $crontab -l
		Install: Debian .deb: cron | RedHat .rpm: ?
	eject - Eject removable media
		Common Usage: eject [-t]
		Example: $eject
		Install: Debian .deb: eject | RedHat .rpm: ?
	zcat - Like cat(1) but works on gzip'd files
		Common Usage: zcat <filename.gz>
		Example: zcat /usr/share/man/man1/zcat.1.gz
		Install: Debian .deb: gzip | RedHat .rpm: ?
	logger - Provides a shell command interface to the syslog
		Common Usage: logger [-s] [-t] <message>
		Example: $logger HOLLY SHIT - CPU on FIRE - Shutting down NOW
		Install: Debian .deb: bsdutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	uptime - Tell how long the system has been running
		Common Usage & Example: $uptime
		Install: Debian .deb: procps | RedHat .rpm: ?
	su - Change userid or become the superuser
		Common Usage: su [-] [-c] [<username>]
		Install: Debian .deb: login | RedHat .rpm: ?
	factor - Prints prime numbers
		Common Usage: factor <number>
		Example: $factor 256
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	md5sum - Generates or checks MD5 message digests
		Common Usage: md5sum [-c] <filename>
		Example: $md5sum newdoc
		Install: Debian .deb: dpkg | RedHat .rpm: ?
	write - Send a message to another user
		Common Usage: write <username> <ttyname>
		Example: $write dave
		Install: Debian .deb: bsdmainutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	watch - Execute a program periodically, showing the output fullscreen
		Common Usage: watch [-d] [-n n] <command>
		Example: $watch pstree
		Install: Debian .deb: procps | RedHat .rpm: ?
	yes - Output a string continuously until killed
		Common Usage: yes <string>
		Example: $yes CHLUG RULES!
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	leave - Reminds you when to leave
		Common Usage: leave [[+]hhmm]
		Example: $leave 2100
		Install: Debian .deb: leave | RedHat .rpm: ?
	ticker - Scroll messages across the screen
		Common Usage: ticker <message>
		Example: $All hail Linux!
		Install: Debian .deb: ticker | RedHat .rpm: ?
	units - Powerful unit conversion program
		Common Usage: units <n old_unit> <new_unit>
		Example: $units '5 km' miles
		Install: Debian .deb: units | RedHat .rpm: ?
	seq - Prints sequence of numbers
		Common Usage: seq [[first_n] step_n] [last_n]
		Example: seq 100 10 1000
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	tmpreaper - Remove files which haven't been accessed for a period of time
		Common Usage: tmpreaper [-t] [-v] [--protect <pattern>] <time> <dir>
		Example: #tmpreaper -tv 1d /tmp/
		Install: Debian .deb: tmpreaper | RedHat .rpm: ?
	tee - Read from standard input and write to standard output and files
		Common Usage: tee [-a]
		Example: $cat todo.notes |tee todotoday.notes todotomorrow.notes
		Install: Debian .deb: shellutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	apcalc - Arbitrary precision calculator
		Common Ussage: calc [-p] <arguments>
		Example: $7^12345
		Install: Debian .deb: apcalc | RedHat .rpm: ?
	script - Make typescript of terminal session
		Common Usage: typescript [-a] <filename> [-t n(2)]
		Example: $script session20030826.terminal
		Install: Debian .deb: bsdutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	replay - Play back typescripts, using timing information
		Common Usage: replay <timing_file> <typescript_file> <n_speed>
		Example: $replay timing typescript
		Install: Debian .deb: bsdutils | RedHat .rpm: ?
	run-parts - Run scripts or programs in a directory
		Common Usage: run-parts [--test] [--arg=<argument>] [--verbose]
		Example: $run-parts --test /etc/rc3.d/
		Install: Debian .deb: debianutils | RedHat:
Image Tools
	fbi - Linux FrameBuffer Image viewer
		Common Usage: fbi [-t sec] <image(s)-names)
		Example: #fbi images/*
		Install: Debian .deb: fbi | RedHat .rpm: ?
	mogrify - Mogrify? an image
		Common Usage: mogrify [-format type] [-geometry NxN[!]]
		Example: $mogrify -geometry 800x600! *
		Install: Debian .deb: imagemagick | RedHat .rpm: ?