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CHLUG meeting notes 2005-10-07

  • Data Processing w/ Python
    • Creation of a drop-box
      • Need two directories:
        • Inbox
        • Outbox
      • Script structure
        • Include base directory near top
        • Quote all file names to ensure spaces t separate arguments
        • Lists files in directory
        • Uses basic loop to process each file via Python script
  • GnuJersey Blog
    • Software = PlanetPlanet
      • Python package syndicates other blogs via cron job
  • The Battle for Wesnoth
    • Debian has numerous games but missing addictive ones
    • Turn-based fantasy strategy game
      • Character classes
      • Simple rules
      • AI
      • Defenses
    • Developer used several rules from Sega Genesis Master of Monsters
    • AI Examples
      • Characters influenced by time of day
    • Different scenarios
      • Fight
      • Move
    • Campaigns based around stories
      • Most heir to the
        • Need to reclaim throne from evil queen
      • Others:
        • Official campaigns
          • Son of a Black Eye (most difficult)
          • Eastern Invasion
            • Save Wesnoth from undead invasion
          • Rise of Wesnoth
        • Others submitted by end users
      • After gaining experience, units gain levels
        • Additional levels give special powers, ability to inflict/sustain more injury
    • Main weakness is awkward hanuling of large armies
      • Each unit needs individual directions
      • Few scenarios have large armies
    • Offers multi-player mode
    • Has a tutorial for new users
    • Home page
    • Source available for several platforms
    • Article available on Wikipedia
thronepopular: don