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Here's is how I configured my Rio600 mp3 player with Mandrake 8.0
(This works with the Rio800 and the Nike player as well!)
Steve Festa 2001-11-19

You need idlib3 installed on your system. So go to
to download it. Once you have downloaded idlib3, change to the directory where you saved it. I saved it in /downloads.

      cd /downloads
Unzip and Untar the file.

      gunzip idlib-3.8.0pre2.tar.gz
      tar -xvf idlib-3.8.0pre2.tar

Change to the idlib3 directory.

       cd idlib-3.8.0pre2

Configure it by using the configure script. I configured it to install in /programs directory with the --prefix flag.
If you don't use the --prefix flag, it will install in /usr/local/bin by default.

   ./configure --prefix=/programs

Now it's time to compile.


It takes a few minutes so relax.

When the it's finished compiling, you have to install it.

     make install

id3lib is now installed! It time to download and install rioutil; the program that will allow Linux to communicate with the
mp3 player.

Download rioutil from here.
Change to the directory where you saved the file. I saved it in /downloads.

       cd /downloads
Unzip and Untar the the file.

      gunzip rioutil-1.0.4.tar.gz
      tar -xvf rioutil-1.0.4.tar

Change to the rioutil-1.0.4 directory.
 cd rioutil-1.0.4

Run these commands and ignore any messages.

    mkdir /dev/usb
    mknod /dev/usb/rio0 c 180 64

This creates devfs support if you do not have devfs support already in the kernel.

Configure rioutil with usbdevfs using the --with flag. I also configured it to install in my /programs directory with the --prefix flag.

   ./configure --with-usbdevfs --prefix=/programs

Compile rioutil.


Finally, install rioutil.

  make install

All you have to do now is plug the usb cable into the computer and the RIO, and run

NOTE:  If you are having problems with the installation, feel free to e-mail me